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Should thieves in World of Warcraft be sent to real prisons?

I have to admit that I’m not a WoW player, so I’m not exactly clear what the problem is here. With that said however, if you play a game in an open world in which theft is possible, then shouldn’t it be an issue to resolve in the world itself? I get that some people might pay lots of money to level up their characters or get the best equipment - one of the things that alienates me from it in fact - but the fact that someone could take it away from you is surely a part of the game.

Otherwise, what’s the point in playing it? Where’s the peril? And how do you set the boundaries?

It strikes me that anyone who plays a game in which they are a murder hobo travelling around stealing “treasure” and killing people is in a bit of a sticky situation claiming that it is only wrong if someone can attach a monetary value to it in the real world.

Then again, it’s come from a Tory.

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In our first episode of the Twitching Curtain, we recommended a number of great games for people new to these types of games, and we’ve listed them here.

Listen to the episode for our more considered opinions!

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Episode One: A Baptism of Architecture


Our new episode is finally here! This time around we talk about good games for first timers, Knutpunkt 2014 and its impact on the UK freeform scene and London Indie RPG Meetup’s recent Playstorm. Please reblog to help spread it around!

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Trying out Storium


The Kickstarter for the online storytelling engine Storium is due to finish in a couple of days. Thinking of backing it? You might find James’s overview helpful based on his own experience playing the Beta version.

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Story Games News 14 April 2014


Story games news!

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The Twitching Curtain Episode Zero: The gender binary pan-galactic bug eyed wall crawling monster.

We’ve finally published our first (zeroeth? Zeroest?) episode of our podcast. If you have an interest in story games, check this out.

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London Indie RPG Meetup filled our venue to overflowing on #TableTopDay, and almsot a third of the awesome people who joined us had never been along to one of our meetups before, so a huge thank you to the TableTop team for bringing us together!

Everyone knew Fiasco from the show, but it was great to introduce people to some of our other old favourites, and some pretty new games as well. We also played The Quiet Year, Dungeon World, One Last Job, A Penny For My Thoughts, Cthulhu Dark, Remember Tomorrow, and Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne. All of these games are pretty rules light and story focussed, a lot like Fiasco, and I would definitely recommend trying any of them out.

Who submitted this? Thanks to them!

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Apocalyptic by Nuclear Snail Studios

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Mmmmmm sexy!

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The significance of plot without conflict


In the West, plot is commonly thought to revolve around conflict: a confrontation between two or more elements, in which one ultimately dominates the other. The standard three- and five-act plot structures—which permeate Western media—have conflict written into their…

Food for thought…